Why We Are Insulating Our Off Grid Trailer

Where we live, winter nights can get as cold as -30°, so when we started gutting our 1988 Sunray trailer (see the time lapse video here) and found that there was next to no insulation behind the walls, we knew we had to go one step further and properly insulate!

Removing all of the old insulation to properly winterize our off grid trailer

The strapping doesn’t allow for much thickness of fibreglass insulation, but what was in there was really not offering much! Most of the areas were so thin you could see the tin, so we got busy tearing it all out and preparing for new pink insulation.

After a fun trip to Home Depot and $300 later, we had everything we needed to start insulating our off grid trailer to prepare for cold Canadian winter nights!

It cost $300 for 2 x bundles of R12 fibreglass insulation, vapour barrier, tuck tape and staples.

We had to settle for R12 insulation because we couldn’t fit anything thicker, but since we will be heating with wood (and not propane which causes major condensation) we are able to vapour barrier the walls to stop and wind from whipping through!

New R12 insulation going into the trailer

We didn’t get a chance to finish since we still need to wire in our solar system and plumbing, but it already started to feel warmer in there with the new insulation!

Our new solar system should be in soon, so once we have everything in hand, we will do the wiring and plumbing and finish this project!

Follow along to see this off grid trailer come together!!

5 thoughts on “Why We Are Insulating Our Off Grid Trailer

  1. When it comes time to build your off grid cabin, I strongly recommend looking into Rockwool (Roxul) insulation. You get a higher R-value than the pink fiberglass, it doesn’t lose R-value when wet, and it’s fireproof. It is nearly double the price, but totally worth it. You get R23 for a 2×6 wall.


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