So What Exactly Is Our Off Grid Dream?

Living the off grid dream!

Going off grid doesn’t always have to mean living in a cabin in the woods secluded from the rest of the world. Nor does it have to mean you are a survivalist, prepper or conspiracy theorist waiting for the SHTF. To us, going off grid is just a way to take control over your life on your terms.

Everyone’s view on what “off grid” is will differ from person to person, and we realized that when we launched this blog. Many people thought we had sold it all and took off into the forest somewhere to build a cabin to escape the troubling world we live in. Some people thought we were going to covert our home (which is a three story tri-plex) to off grid in the middle of the city. Others thought we were going to live off grid in our trailer. And the answer is that all of them are right. Our off grid dream consists of a lifetime of learning and experimenting in a way that lets us become self sustainable in today’s world.

Yes, we will be staying in an off grid trailer, yes, we will be building an off grid cabin in the woods and yes, we will be working on ways to create off grid systems at our home in the city! Learning how to create your own power, collect and heat your own water and grow your own food is not a talent. It is a skill that you have to learn through education and trial and error (so much trail and error, LOL) and we are going to do our best to be our best!

If you have ever thought of going off the grid, in one way or another, make sure to follow along! Feel free to comment on our posts with your own experiences and maybe even learn a new trick here and there! We are by no means experts in this endeavour. We are learning as we go and hope to document our successes…and our failures as we try to live the off grid dream!

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