Wood Stove Restoration Part Three – Paint

1941 Findlay Favorite Box 28 Wood Stove

When we were gifted this beautiful 1941 Findlay Favorite Box 28 wood stove, it was quite rusty and scaly and all of the original cement eroded away. We could see large gaps through the walls and corners, but we had a dream of making this the stove for our off grid trailer for heat and cooking!

After completely removing the rust and resealing it with furnace cement, we were ready to finally paint! We used a high heat sealer for any large gaps on the outside and then a black matte spray paint which is good for up to 1400°f. We couldn’t be happier with the results!

Next, we have to put it back together, install the door gasket and take it outside for a small fire which will cure the furnace cement and burn off the access paint! Watch the video below of how we turned this antique wood stove from old and rusted to new and beautiful!

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