Off Grid In A Popup Camper

Off grid 1987 Remodelled Jayco Pop Up Camper

A couple of years ago, we bought a run down Jayco pop up camper that we decided to remodel and turn into our little off the grid camping haven! We loved to spend time camping but tenting it was no longer for us as we got older!

We had no idea that this would only be the beginning of a whole life style a mere 4 years later! If you haven’t seen our latest off grid trailer project, click here! We are currently renovating a 20’ Sunray trailer to be moved to our up North property where we will be building an off grid cabin!

Our little pop up, affectionally named Arlo after the singer songwriter Arlo Guthrie, was decked out with new flooring, remodelled cabinets and black curtains. He has a little sink and propane stove for cooking when we didn’t want to cook over the bon fire and a built in ice box. We used solar lighting and hauled our own water.

Remodelled Jayco Popup Camper

Many additional systems were in the plans for Arlo the pop up before we started talking about buying property up North and although we didn’t get to fully installing it, we also have an outdoor shower and bathroom set up that can be used anywhere we take him.

Learning how to rely solely on yourself in a trailer is something that we never had any problem with. It was always intriguing to see how we could make the camper more efficient and comfortable with each trip and continue to add organization and more space. Over time, Arlo the pop up felt like a small studio apartment, always with amazing scenery wherever we were.

Off grid camping in a Popup

There are so many good memories in this trailer, and we even contemplated towing it up North for guest house on our property, but alas, it just isn’t logical. This pop up has taught us so much about being self reliant in the woods and how to implement off grid systems. We will never forget the amazing trips and experiences we had with “Arlo” the pop up!

We are getting ready to finish the insulation, wiring and interior walls on our new off grid trailer project (which is still unnamed) very soon, so stay tuned and don’t forget to follow!

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