Antique Wood Stove Then and Now

Well, it took us a couple weeks, but we finally completed the restoration project on our 1941 Findlay’s wood stove (although we are still waiting for the one leg to get welded!) When we first picked it up, it was very rusty with holes and no cement to seal the cracks. Although it had seen better days, we immediately fell in love with it and knew this was the wood stove we wanted in our off grid trailer.

Wood Stove Restoration Part One – Removing Rust

Yes, we know it is rather large for a 20′ trailer and yes, we know it is overkill and will probably melt us in our sleep, but the trailer has windows we can open if we get too hot and it is just so pretty! So we set out to restore it back to it’s original beauty!

The first thing that we had to do was disassemble it and remove all of the scale and rust using a wire wheel. If you missed it, check out Wood Stove Restoration Part One – Removing Rust

After the rust was gone, it had a good scrub down inside and out in preparation for the furnace cement. We applied a generous amount of cement on the inside to seal all of the cracks and holes that had been exposed after the old cement eroded. It sealed up really nice. We tested it by turning off the lights and placing a work light on the inside to see if we could see any light coming through the seams. Watch Wood Stove Restoration Part Two – Furnace Cement

Wood Stove Restoration Part Two – Furnace Cement

Once the furnace cement dried for 24 hours (we actually let it dry for 72 hours because we were super busy that week!), we were ready to add the high heat sealant on the outside of the stove for extra security and then the big moment came! PAINT!

After a couple of weeks of dreaming about how this 1941 wood stove would look complete, we finally got to see it come to life! Watch to hear Morgan squeal with excitement as soon as the high heat spray paint came out! Wood Stove Restoration Part Three – Paint

Wood Stove Restoration Part Three – Paint

So after cleaning, removing rust, sealing and painting, we had one more job to do to complete the project: We had to burn it all in! You need fire to cure the cement, sealant and paint, we we hauled the wood stove outside onto the deck to start a fire!

After all of this build up over the last couple of weeks, we decided to make an event out of it, so we brought out the lawn chairs, poured some wine and cuddled up in front of the best fire ever in the history of backyard fires! We even warmed up some soup over the stove!

Once we have our wood stove leg back and welded on, we will complete a video of the process of how we got from then to now! We couldn’t be more happy with the results. Not only is it air tight with no leaks, it kicked off an enormous amount of heat, even outside on a chilly winter afternoon!

Stay tuned the final wood stove restoration video and more off grid projects that we are currently in the middle of….never a dull moment!

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