Wood Stove Restoration Part Four – First Fire

Our first fire in the newly restored 1941 Findlay Wood Stove!

It was a very exciting moment! After cleaning, removing rust, sealing and painting our 1941 Findlay Wood Stove, he got to have our first fire! We hauled the stove into the backyard and propped it on blocks on top of a fireproof board.

Burning in the stove needed to happen outdoors as we were curing the furnace cement and sealer as well as burning off the paint. We were so glad that we were outside because it definitely let of some pretty bad smells!

All in all, we were amazed by the amount of heat that the cast iron gives off. It was about -3° outside and we could barely stand near it when it was burning hot! It actually got so hot that we tried to boil water outside in the cold! Although we got a lot of stream, we gave up on getting to a boiling point after 40 minutes!

No leaks or cracks were visible and the smoke drafted perfectly up the stove pipe! We did have a minor issue with the door gasket. Once it got really hot, it started bubbling and slipping off. Maybe we didn’t give it enough time to heat? We will try again before installing it into our off grid trailer!

All we need now is the get the broken leg back which is being fixed as we speak and this is a complete project! If you missed the first three parts of our wood stove restoration, click the links below!

Wood Stove Restoration Part One – Removing Rust

Wood Stove Restoration Part Two – Furnace Cement

Wood Stove Restoration Part Three – Paint

Thanks so much for following along!! We have some pretty cool experiments coming up in the next week or so, so stay tuned!

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