Two Days To Lettuce!

Three days ago, we built a bunch of little indoor greenhouses to try and super charge our seeds and get them into outdoor cold frames a month early this year! You can see our DIY greenhouses here! We thought we would give you a little update on how they are working out!

On day 2, when we went to give them a little spritz of water, we found sprouts in all three of our lettuce varieties! Now, lettuce doesn’t typically take long to germinate, but this has to be a record for us! The very next day was a bit of a pleasant surprise!

Day two – Butter Crunch and Salad Bowl seeds sprouted up the day after planting them in our indoor greenhouse!
Day two – Salad bowl lettuce starting to sprout

Even more amazing is what happened on day three (today!) After lifting the greenhouse lids to water them, we found that the little lettuce plants were nearly reaching the top of plastic!

Almost all of the egg cartons cups had sprouted the seeds. It looks like I might have close to a 90+% germination!

At this rate, we will be taking them out of the greenhouse by the end of the weekend!

Day three – lettuce is reaching for the sun in the indoor greenhouse!
Day three – Butter crunch lettuce

We will be keeping a close eye on all of the other seeds. If things keep up at this pace, we will have to build our cold frames outside sooner then later! Make sure to follow along to see that project!!

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