Patiently Waiting to Build

The view from our off grid property

This past month has been painful playing the waiting game. While we patiently watch the snow melt, we have been busy in the planning stage. Every day we get one step closer to moving our trailer onto the property and starting this new adventure!

A lot of thought has gone into the design for our off grid cabin which will be built with efficiency and simplicity in mind. We seriously went through a million designs and options (just like we did with our off grid trailer, which we ended up changing the layout anyways. More on that later!) At least we were able to finally choose a location to build!

Building site for our off grid cabin

We finally had the opportunity to go to our property and we have never been so happy to see dirt! Everything looks so different with the promise of Spring! The birds were singing so loudly, and we even got to see a huge pileated woodpecker that sounded like it was laughing at us! We started a bonfire, sat on the canoe and just looked around at the property. The options are endless.

Burning up fallen trees and leftover fire wood
This is date night in Canada! Two cold ones on a canoe in front of a fire!

We will have lots to share in the coming weeks! While we wait, we are also working on some cool projects at our house that will heat the garage, the pool and our garden seedings, all using solar power! Stay tuned for updates on that by following below!

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