About Jack and Morgan

Being together 16 years and married almost 7, we have spent many late nights dreaming of an off grid cabin in the trees! A place where the land shelters and protects you, providing nutrients, serenity and an escape from the corporate world that we both grew up in.

These were merely just dreams for years. A retirement plan for down the road, or maybe just a pipe dream if we ever got the nerve to do it. Being owners of a small community music school, there wasn’t much time left to commit to such a project. Music lessons and hosting concerts took up almost all of our weekdays and weekends and we had no intentions of ever interrupting that! The music school was our life!

Enter March 2020. The atomic bomb for all small businesses! We closed the doors on both of our music studios on March 12, 2020 and started working hard to create an online music school for our students. Launching the online school on April 6th, 2020, we continue to grow everyday.

With this sudden time on our hands and a successful online business that we can run from anywhere in the world, we had found our window to pursue our dreams of an off grid cabin in the trees!

We hope that you follow along with our adventure and learn with us as we go. Our intention is to inspire others who have the same dream and need to know that it is possible for regular, everyday people like ourselves!


Patiently Waiting to Build

We finally had the opportunity to go to our property and we have never been so happy to see dirt! Everything looks so different with the promise of Spring!

Two Days To Lettuce!

Three days ago, we built a bunch of little indoor greenhouses to try and super charge our seeds and get them into outdoor cold frames a month early this year! You can see our DIY greenhouses here! We thought we would give you a little update on how they are working out! On day 2, … Continue reading Two Days To Lettuce!

DIY Indoor Greenhouses

We made these cute little DIY greenhouses to help our seeds germinate quicker and extend our growing season by getting them into cold frames sooner!